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These are some vintage news pieces and other assorted information from various watch and watchmaking sources, all posted at the ElginTime Watch Blog.  This is just a small sampling, you can find much more there.  

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 From a Quacker to His Watchmaker 
The American Horologist magazine, May 1940

 William Samelius Seeks Rare Clock Part 

 Why Your Watch Stops - Part 1 

 Why Your Watch Stops - Part 2 

 Why Your Watch Stops - Part 3 

 War Talk Prompts Southern Grandma To Buy Watches 
Horology magazine, October 1939

Takes The Cake 
The American Horologist magazine, November 1938

Know the Escapement, by Sarah and Homer Barkus, 1945

Elgin Looks Way Beyond 1923 
Vintage Elgin National Watch Co. Advertising

 Railroad Watches, 1890 
The American Horologist magazine, January 1942

 Young Men! 
The American Horologist magazine, February 1936

 Elgin Watchmakers College Trains Men for State Examinations 
The American Horologist magazine, November 1941

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