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Follow along with watch repairs and projects on the bench here
And for even more, connect with other using the Vintage Watches community, here.  It covers watches, collecting, and history, as well as repair and restoration.

 Vintage watch repair, restoration and services
Do you have an antique watch in need of work? Maybe I can help! I specialize in vintage American makes, particularly Elgin, but also Waltham, Hamilton, Hampton, Rockford, New York Standard and others.

If you just have any questions about your vintage watch, feel free to email me, Also be sure to check the Elgin mini-FAQ, here.

 Where do the watches live?

 About the Elgin National Watch Company 
Learn about what was once one of the country's largest industrial concerns, and the special place in the history of American industrialization the watch company occupies.

There is also this account of the very beginnings of the company here (circa 1888).

 Look up Elgin watch serial numbers 
The Elgin company is gone, but it left us with factory records of the ranges of the serial numbers engraved on their movements, and the attributes of the movements included in those production runs.  The information includes the size, grade, jeweling, finish and more.  Use this lookup page to learn about a vintage Elgin watch from the number on the movement. 

There's also a simpler table of the serial numbers and production years here, which shows the approximate year only.  This information is much less refined.

 Look up and identify balance staffs
Identify unknown balance staffs by their dimensions

 ElginTime Virtual Watch Museum

 ElginTime Marketplace 
Vintage watches and other items for sale.


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