Elgin Named Movements

     Jeff Sexton

Some Elgin movements are marked with a name in addition to the serial number.  This practice is a reflection of the earliest traditions of watchmakers when the marker, an individual person or a person's shop, would sign their products with their own name.  In Elgin's case movements were named to honer person's important to the company.   For example, one of the more common Elgin names, used on many models through out the companies history, is G. M. Wheeler.  George M. Wheeler was one of the company's original directors.  Below are some of these individuals.

Watch Movement Names

T. M. Avery Thomas M. Avery The 2nd President of Elgin National Watch Company.
Gail Borden  
Gail Borden, known for condensed milk, was an important Elgin share holder.
H. Z. Culver Howard Z. Culver A member of the 1884 board of directors.
Dexter St Simon Newton Dexter The brother-in-law and business associate of B. W. Raymond.  There is a Dexter Street in the city of Elgin.
Chas Fargo Charles (Chas) Fargo A member of the 1884 board of directors.
J.V. Farwell J.V. Farwell A prominent Chicago businessman.
W. H. Ferry William H. Ferry Director of the Elgin company from 1868 to 1874.
C. H. Hulburd Charles H. Hulburd The third president of the Elgin watch company.
Mat Laflin Matthew (Mat) Laflin An early director, and investor.
G. P. LordGeorge P. LordThe company's first business manager.
M. D. OgdenM. D. OgdenAn investor.
B. W. Raymond
Benjamin Wright RaymondThe first president of company.
J. T. RyersonJoseph T. RyersonAn original director.
H. H. Taylor Henry H. Taylor An original director.
G. M. Wheeler 
George M. Wheeler An original director.

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