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Elgin's 1939 Catalog

Includes pricing!

The Elgin National Watch Company's Pension Fund

Rules and Regulations, 1940

Elgin Relief Fund

Elgin was a modern company in its day. It first adopted a "relief fund", a sort of insurance system, for employees in 1919. This guide to the fund is from 1941.

Elgin Advance Relays

Late in the history of the Elgin company, they shifted heavily into miniature electronic components. These are two brochures from 1958 on some of these products.

Advance to the future! and

Advance Relays

Simon Willard


Dr. Charles-Edouard Guillaume

Creator of Invar and Elinvar

Collecting Old Watches

A brief look at really old watches, written in 1938

Connecticut Clockmaking

By Mr. Edward Ingraham

Portfolio of Watch Selling

Elgin retail information, 1950s

The Elgin Almanac

Elgin advertising from 1873

The Watch Word

The Elgin factory magazine

The Box of Wonders in Your Pocket

An extended piece from The Watch Word, 1935

Captain Tick-Mouse - Spotting Slackers

An Elgin advertising piece, 1917

Otto Young & Co

Tool and Material Catalogue, 1906 - 1907

About the Elgin National Watch Company

Learn about what was once one of the country's largest industrial concerns, and the special place in the history of American industrialization the watch company occupies.