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The Jeweler's Book of Mongrams



The monograms, kalograms and other letter designs shown in the many handsome plates in this book will be found of service in the jewelry store in two ways. First, they provide material upon which an engraver can work with the idea of improving his own skill through practice with the standard designs and the application of his own originality in changing them to produce new forms.

Secondly, the book is of use as a means of enabling the customer to make selection as to general style of monogram or lettering desired. As such it is indispensable to a jeweler catering to high-class trade. The ability to show a fine monogram is often the final factor in closing a sale.

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In the latter respect this book is especially useful during the Christmas holiday season and during the month of June, when demand for engraved designs of various kinds rises to a peak.

These designs are the work of Walter T. Einig, nationally known for his skill and originality. They, therefore, represent masterpieces of examples for other engravers to use as shown or to give inspiration that will lead to the origination of other equally attractive designs.

The various letter combinations are fully indexed on the next four pages. The first three pages of the index give the various letter combinations in alphabetical order with reference to the respective plates on which these combinations are found.

The forth page of the index gives grouping of the monograms according to their nature, such as the Drop Monograms, Leaf Monograms, and so forth.

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